Friday, February 24, 2012

Throwback: "One Last Try" Synopsis

This was my FIRST ever full-length manuscript written. Looking back I'm partially embarrassed and partially proud. I may do something with this and eventually release it. It needs MAJOR work, though! I started working on this while a student at Florida A&M University (FAMU) and finished after graduation! :)


"One Last Try"
"You don't get a 2nd chance at a first impression…or do you?"

             Dreams are 
inevitable but failure is a mere option. Meet a group of college friends in Tallahassee, Florida and watch as they all find out the true meaning behind dreams, trust, love and, most of all, second chances.  Jamir Brown is the epitome of a college bachelor; handsome, rich and flirtatious beyond words. Coming from a lifestyle of wealth, opportunities and endless women at his disposal, Jamir doesn't know the meaning of the word "No". But when he lays eyes on his next conquest and adventure, in the form of a beautiful woman, he gets much more than he bargained for. However when problems arise, which threaten to destroy the very change Jamir has grown accustomed to, he has to decide between doing the right thing or doing whatever it takes to get One Last Try.
Daryl Peterson, or D.P., couldn't be anymore different than his child-hood best-friend, Jamir. Without the money, power or respect that his friend possesses he finds himself relying on being a good guy. But when Daryl signs a recording contract and begins recording his first album, he begins to throw out who he was and what he stood for and quickly replaces it with the image of "D.P. the playboy". A personal crisis pushes Daryl to make a choice that could cost him his "life" as he knows it; the decision rests solely on Daryl's shoulders. Is he willing to pay the price for his decisions, simply to maintain his pride, or will he allow life to happen with One Last Try. Leon Peterson is an ex-player and cousin to Daryl. With his family life on the up and up, the senior college student, father and star football player serves as the calm in the midst of the storm of all of his friends problems. But when someone from his past disturbs his already complicated life with girlfriend KeeyonnaLeon finds himself re-thinking everything that he once considered normal. Between deceit, love and lies Leon must try to grasp at One Last Try at normalcy and figure out whom and what is real and who has been faking it all along.
Jacinda Matos has the voice, the look and the passion to be the next big singer. But as a naive and wide eyed small town girl, Jacinda lacks the defense skills she needs to protect her ego, soul & heart. With a high profile relationship and a booming career, she finds that the glass isn't always half-full. When Jacinda finds her love life, dream and relationships rocked by her own selfishness, she quickly sees the importance of maintaining a hold on her identity. But will her new found identity and independence be enough to bring One Last Try, at happiness, or will it be too late?

Erika Chan is a well established restaurant owner with high hopes and a hard heart. After numerous attempts at finding love the Blasian (Black & Asian) beauty settles on a life alone, until she meets-and falls hard for- Mr. Wrong, turned right. While outside forces do everything to keep the couple apart, Erika gives her all- at any cost- in order to maintain her happiness. When a series of unexpected incidents threaten to put her back at square one, Erika must decide whether the "happiness", is worth the struggle for One Last Try or if it's is just too much for her to bear.  Will her own priorities and insecurities force her to stay in her situation out of obligation or will she see that a promise of forever is simply a comfort to a fool?

While all of the friends struggle to preserve their dreams and accomplishments, they all slowly come to terms with the fact that second chances could simply be the beginning to the end. As they allow themselves to dream, only life can grant them
One Last Try

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