Thursday, January 3, 2013

RanDUMB Ramblings From a Genius

"It's easier to erase the thought that someone was ever a presence in my life than it is to deal with the reality that their entire presence was a sham." 

"The real pain comes in knowing that even when you apologize- even when you promise to never do it again- you know, without a doubt, that she's got to be hurting more than her face, eyes and tone lets on. How else can you explain loving BEYOND hurt besides loving WHILE hurt?When the lights are off and all that's left are her thoughts and her heart, she has to deal the best way she knows how. There's no negating that she, too, must be hurting more than she lets on, to ride a bike with a bloodied and bruised knee & fresh memories of her heartbreaking fall." 


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